Protecting Your Rights as a Biker

Motorcycle Accident Claims Scotland (MACS) provides bikers with specialist legal support following all types of accidents. Our team of experienced legal professionals can offer advice and practical support, removing the burden and providing full assistance with bike repairs, injuries and financial assistance for losses incurred now or in the future.

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  • What can I claim for?

    The purpose of the law is to put you back in the position you would have been in if an accident had not occurred.

    Following an accident you may be able to claim for the following:

    •    Damage to bike
    •    Damage to lid, leathers, boots, gloves and other items of clothing
    •    Personal injury
    •    Financial loss
    •    Medical costs

    Damage to bike
    If you do not want to claim damage to your bike from your own insurer, or you only have third party insurance, then we can claim this from the insurer of the party who is at fault. If your bike has been modified then you should take photographs of it as this will ensure we can arrange for our independent engineers to make the right repairs.

    Damage to lid, leathers and other clothing
    You can claim for damage to clothing provided you can supply details of each of the items such as its value and date of purchase, along with the purchase receipt for each item. Taking regular photographs of your kit is useful to show its condition.

    Personal injury
    If you have been injured in an accident on your bike then you will be eligible for compensation known as “general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity”. Compensation is based on the type of injury, recovery time and impact on your life.

    Financial loss
    In addition to compensation paid as a result of any injuries suffered in an accident, you may also be able to claim for financial losses which occurred as a result of your injuries. These include the following:

    •    Loss of earnings – you can claim for loss of earnings if an injury causes you to be absent from work and your employer does not pay you during this time. If you are still absent from work when your case is settled then future losses will also be included. If you are self-employed and unable to work as a result of injuries suffered then you can claim for loss of income and profit.

    •    Loss of pension contributions – if you are unable to work and therefore unable to contribute to a pension then we can also recover this loss.

    •    Medical costs – depending on your injuries, you may be able to claim for the cost of medical treatment following an accident, such as physiotherapy or psychiatric treatment. In cases of severe injury, it may be necessary for adaptations to be made to your home.

    •    Other financial losses – these include services, increased bills, holiday and club memberships.

    Whatever you have lost or will lose, we can recover it. Call us now to find out more.

  • A guide to bike claims

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  • Common bike accidents

  • About us

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  • FAQs


    After an accident what should I do?
    Contact the police and emergency services, or have someone do this on your behalf, to report the accident and arrange medical treatment. You should also contact your insurance company and seek legal advice from MACS. Click here for more detailed advice on what to do after an accident.

    Do you provide a free consultation service?
    If you have been injured in an accident call us on 0333 2100 200 and we will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation.

    Can MACS arrange a home or hospital visit to discuss my options?
    Yes. If you are incapacitated following an accident or if you simply prefer a face-to-face meeting we are happy to arrange this.

    What can I claim for?
    If you have been in a motorcycle accident you can claim for loss, injuries and damage – click here to find out more.

    Who are MACS?
    A team of senior solicitors with extensive experience handling all types of motorcycle accident claims. MACS is a trading name of the established Scottish law firm Gildeas.

    Can MACS arrange treatment to assist with my recovery?
    Yes. We can arrange for you to discuss your injuries with our rehabilitation providers.

    How will MACS support me after an accident?
    We will provide specialist tailored advice for you and your family on your prospects following an accident. We will then instruct appropriate experts to assist with your rehabilitation and to assess the loss, injuries and damage you have suffered as a result of the accident. If agreement cannot be reached with the third party insurer, we will provide support and legal representation throughout and subsequent litigation proceedings.

    Who will handle my claim?
    Your claim will be dealt with by our specialist motorcycle law team. Our team has experience in dealing with all types of motorcycle accidents including those involving serious and life changing injuries.

    Will I be fully informed about the progress of my case?
    Absolutely. Client participation is important to us and we will always keep you updated with each step of your case.  

    Will I need to undergo a medical assessment?
    We may ask you to undergo a medical assessment in order to provide proof of your injuries, treatment required, and the impact your injuries have had.

    I am off work due to my injuries. Will I be able to get an interim payment?
    If you are off work as a result of an accident and not getting paid we can ask the insurer to make an interim payment to offset any financial hardship.

    My clothing and gear were damaged. Can I claim for replacements?
    Of course. You should retain all damaged clothing and items for inspection by the negligent party’s insurer who will also ask you to provide original purchase receipts or replacement estimates.

    Should I replace my helmet after an accident, even if it was not damaged?
    The vast majority of helmets are designed for one-time use as the foam is designed to crush on impact. Therefore if you strike your head in an accident you should replace your helmet, even if the impact was minor and there is no visible damage to the exterior of the helmet.

    I think I might be partially at fault for an accident, what should I do?
    Even if you were partially at fault you are entitled to make a claim from the negligent driver’s insurance. In cases such as this an element of “contributory negligence” may be deducted from any settlement you receive. You should always let an expert decide who is at fault in an accident.

    Will I have to go to court?
    In some cases where liability or the value of the claim is disputed a full court hearing is necessary. However, most cases settle before then and less than 1% of accident claims result in people giving evidence in court.

    Will MACS take a cut of my settlement?
    No. If you remain a client of MACS and we settle your case, you will receive 100% of the agreed settlement. Our costs will be paid by the other side.

    The other driver’s insurance company has contacted me to make a settlement offer
    In an effort to reduce costs some insurers will attempt to settle claims early on in the process. It is important that you seek legal advice before accepting any offer directly from the negligent driver’s insurer. Call us to make sure that any offer you receive is reasonable.

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