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Premium Legal Cover

In your time of need, our team of expert bikers will look after you. 

No Fees To Pay

When you have a claim, you do not have to pay any fees, even if we don’t ‘win’.

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Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does membership cost?

Absolutely nothing.

Is this an insurance policy?

No, this is not an underwritten product, but a legal membership plan.

What benefits do I get?

The general benefits you will receive are:

  • Full Claims Management Service
  • General legal advice (normal office hours)
  • Free Motor Prosecution Defence Assessment/ Advice
  • Newsletter
  • Discounts with selected retailers


Non-Fault Benefits


If a collision ensues in an incident that was not your fault, we can:

  • Arrange recovery of your motorcycle.
  • Handle communications with your insurance company.
  • Arrange repairs via your own chosen repairer or from our approved repairer network.
  • Arrange a replacement bike.
  • Arrange one of our specialist team to deal with any injury claims on behalf of you or any passengers with no deduction from any awarded compensation.
  • Arrange one of our specialist team to recover financial losses you may incur, for example, insurance policy excess, lost earnings, prescription charges, damage to items of protective clothing, damage to property such as clothing, mobile phone, jewellery, etc.

Arrange other specialist support such as physiotherapy treatment, trauma counselling, etc.


What do I do to get help if I’m knocked off my bike?

As soon as it is safe to do so – Call Us on 0333 2100 200.
We will support you with guidance of what evidence to collect at the scene and then help with recovery of your bike. At your instruction we can also contact your insurance company and assist by removing hassle and potential for confusion with communication

O.K. So what does it cost me?

Nothing, no one-off payment, no monthly fees and if you have a successful legal claim where you are awarded compensation, you keep 100% of the money.

Aha! What does it cost me if I claim and lose then?

Nothing, if you have an unsuccessful legal claim, you have nothing to pay, we’ll cover your expenses. We take all the risk and you have the freedom and security of knowing that if you ever need to raise a legal claim you can do so completely risk free and without financial burden.

If I keep 100% of the compensation, how do you get paid?

We claim our costs from the other side without adversely impacting your settlement figure.

How do I access the discounted benefits?

When you sign up to the scheme you will get access to a membership area with a list of available benefits and how you can access them. From time to time we will introduce new discounts / promotions via a newsletter.

How long does my membership last?

Until you inform us you wish to cancel your membership, or the membership program ceases to exist.

Can I refer a friend or family member?

Feel free! Simply direct them to this page and they can sign up.

How do I access the full Terms & Conditions?

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