Motorcycle Legal Cover |Should you have it?

The time us bikers usually hear the term Motorcycle Legal Cover is when taking out insurance for our bike(s).
It is usually sold as a bolt-on to your policy or as a feature of a more premium and complete insurance offering.

What is Motorcycle Legal Cover?

Motorcycle Legal Cover or “Legal Expenses Cover” is a type of product you can buy alongside your bike (or indeed car) insurance to cover yourself against the potential costs of legal action either brought by you or against you as a road user.
It is also the mechanism to protect you from out of pocket expenses and life altering circumstances that can occur following an accident.
Circumstances that would otherwise be a huge financial burden.

Insurance deals with the settling of who is footing the bill for what is covered under your policy.
As you know, it is usually limited to the market value of your bike and a finite value for kit or accessories.
Your excess is likely safe if being recovered from the other side.

Without Motorcycle Legal Cover, what does that leave you to pay?

  • Cost of a hire bike / other transport.
  • The real cost of replacing damaged gear.
  • The GAP between the book value of the bike and any finance.
  • Rehabilitation / therapy costs.
  • Loss of earnings as a result of an accident.
  • Mortgage / Rent Payments.

This is not an exhaustive list, but you can see the importance of having Motorcycle Legal Cover.
Your insurance company may recover the majority of the cost of your bike and your excess, but what if you can’t work?
The cover also takes care of you in circumstances that could result in legal costs, such as:

  • Having to take action against another road user for negligence, or
  • Needing to defend yourself against accusations made by another road user.

Legal expenses cover can also be taken out as an add-on to a home insurance policy.
In that case it typically covers legal proceedings relating to your home life, job or personal injury.
Sometimes consumer situations such as being supplied products or services are covered also.

What to be aware of with Motorcycle Legal Cover?

When Motorcycle Legal Cover is added to insurance, the maximum you can claim is usually limited.
This is worth keeping in mind. There is also usually a condition to the policy that a percentage of your settlement, if successful, will be retained by the legal firm as part of their fee.
The cost of Motorcycle Legal Cover can vary as well and can be expensive.

Do You Need Cover?

Here at Motorcycle Accident Claims Scotland we have introduce the MACS Membership which is completely FREE of charge and includes Legal Expenses Cover.

The cover provides full non-fault legal protection. This means that if you are knocked off your bike, or suffer a collision because of the negligence of somebody else, you’re covered. This can also include incidents involving a pothole, diesel spill etc. where we will look after you too.
Our cover also makes sure you get 100% of your compensation in a successful claim.

The MACS Membership goes above and beyond:

We will actually support you at the roadside. Call us as soon as it is safe to do so following an accident. We will give you advice and support there and then.
Your legal interests will be looked after to protect you.
We will talk you through what action to take at the scene AND get your motorcycle recovered for you.
Your bike will go to the dealer or garage of your choice AND we can even inform your insurance company of your claim.

As bikers ourselves, we know how stressful a collision can be. We offer aftercare to our brothers and sisters on the road because we don’t want you to suffer.
We will be there to look after you from the point of collision, through your Legal Claim and rehabilitation and to the point of getting back in the saddle.

Our Motorcycle Legal Cover was put together by bikers, for bikers and also includes other benefits such as discounted insurance and discounts from other brands and partners too.



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