A solicitor from Motorcycle Accident Claims Scotland (MACS) has successfully defended a motorcyclist who was the subject of a damages action brought by a motorist.

The case relates to a collision which took place in Linlithgow in July 2018 between biker David Cochrane and a vehicle driven by Amy Cockburn.

In a judgement released following a recent hearing at the All Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court, Sheriff Braid found that Mr Cochrane was not at fault for the collision and therefore his insurer would not be liable to pay damages to Ms Cockburn.

The collision took place at a sharp bend and the case was brought by Ms Cockburn against the biker as she believed the he had encroached onto her side of the road. Mr Cochrane denied this, and claimed that he would have taken the bend without any difficulty had Ms Cockburn not been partially encroaching on to his side of the road.

In his judgement Sheriff Braid said he found Mr Cochrane’s evidence to be more credible and that he did not lose control of the motorcycle through any fault on his part.

A good result for the motorcyclist who was accused of losing control of his bike and injuring a car driver.

MACS will continue to represent bikers in order to defend their rights.