What you do at the scene of an accident is important and may help if you decide to make a claim. The more evidence there is of what happened, the more likely there will be the right outcome.

It is difficult to create a ‘one size fits all’ checklist to follow after an accident but the list below is a useful guide:

1.    Stop – take a moment to compose yourself after any accident, but never ride away regardless of who you might think is at fault. Let an expert decide.

2.    Contact emergency services – who needs to attend the scene of the accident? If you or anyone else may be seriously injured then you should ask for paramedics to attend. Police may need to attend depending on the severity of the accident, injuries and whether any roads need closed or hazards removed.

3.    Take photographs – visual evidence of the accident scene is important so take photographs of the location and the vehicles and/or bikes involved before they are moved.

4.     Get the details – get as much information as possible. Name, address, insurance details along with registration number, make and model of vehicles and bikes involved. If there are any witnesses get their contact details and ask if they are happy to be contacted.

5.    Call us – MACS has many years of experience supporting bikers who have been involved in an accident. Whatever the circumstances, we have the expertise to help you. MACS can arrange bike repairs, medical treatment and financial assistance through interim payments, so let us do the hard work while you focus on recovery.

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